Welcome to the Mindful Living Revolution…


We are grateful to announce that Mindful Living Revolution has become a non-profit organization, which will allow us to make the practice of compassionate awareness and engaged interconnection available to more people – around the globe. I invite you to support Mindful Living Revolution and am deeply grateful for your participation. Please see below for the many ways in which you can personally support this work and join us in.

In Peace and Passion, Eden

Mission Statement

Mindful Living Revolution’s mission is to teach the practice of conscious compassionate awareness within the context of global uncertainty.

Mindful Living Revolution invites people to make the shift from the perspective of “I” and separation to “We” and interconnection. Interconnection is here when we stop doing everything else, and the practice of compassionate awareness practice helps us to see clearly the “everything else” we are doing – the busyness, story, distraction, fear, preoccupation – so that we can remember the reality of interconnection and non-separation. When we come “home” to interconnection, a healing is brought to all of our relationships – with self, with one another, and with our planet. Awareness practice begins with sitting meditation, with the larger intention is to bring compassionate awareness directly into every aspect of our lives, so that we are living an awakened life. This work is deeply restorative, liberating, and joyful, and it allows us to make make the connection between mindfulness and global peace and sustainability, and to meet the challenges we face globally from peace, presence, resilience, and regeneration.

Goals: To introduce the practice of conscious compassionate awareness into the lives of a broad range of people; to help people to cultivate and deepen an awareness practice that heals their relationship with the self, with one another, and with our planet; and to help people cultivate ecological consciousness in order to promote a kinder more sustainable world globally.

Listen to my podcast here, in honor of the new non-profit:
From Separation to Interconnection